Saturday, September 24 Y 9:07 PM

Aloha bloggers, sorry for not updating since exams ended. Had so many things going on. And I shall share some of it hehehe. So okay, as expected, I did not really enjoy the China, Dalian trip.  Except for the fact that I had great company with the DMR kiddos <3 Without them around, I would not have survived the trip. The wonderful times we had + late nights and feasts etc. That's all I've missed so far ;)

Other than that, I really do love the weather, shopping, food prices & the best steamboat we had. But.. some food really sucks & I don't get how I could put on weight during the trip. The group we went with, hmm... not much comments. Mostly, or rather all year ones. Except us.

If you ask me to choose, I prefer the Japan, Oshima trip x1000 more. Dalian is like 0% in comparison :X Sounds pathetic, but I prefer everything back in Oshima, the weather, food, people, atmosphere and the fact that we sailed in Japan, shopped and had so much fun!! Definitely nothing compared to Dalian + the group that went was just awesome. 

Maybe, I should just start being more sociable or... stop choosing friends. It sounds mean. #donotjudge. Okay, lesson learnt ha.ha.ha. Aside from China, I love being back in Singapura~ Meeting friends everyday, shopping, eating like mad, sleeping in till late afternoon, ballet etc. At least, I enjoy what I am doing (; Sadly, I don't have pictures of my daily life, maybe I should start carrying my camera everywhere I go... 

Pictures of SMAC Jalan Raya this year: 

We visited a total of 13 houses (I think or more) with 4 cars, 1 van and 3 motorbikes, from 12pm-2am. Best experience, well, Imma Chinese/ Peranakan & something like this, cannot be missed! If the memberoos were all present, it would've been better. I can't wait for all those sailors to be back!! Few more months....

And I finally met up with the IJ girls, after quite long... 
There's always this saying, "Once an IJ girl, always an IJ girl" which is so true. Love this girls so much <3 If you don't get what I meant, enroll your child into any of the CHIJ schools in future. Hahahaha, no regrets ;)

And I had a day with Xueyun (; Can't wait to see you again when I am back in Singapore.

 Managed to catch a few movies this week...

I would rate Crazy, Stupid, Love the best among this three. Was quite disappointed with the other 2, thought it was better ;( 

Will be heading to Ipoh for LEAP on Monday with the rest and will be back on Thursday night! Hopefully it'll be much better than Dalian. Actually I should stop disliking Dalian since its over hahaha. And Friday, I'll be off to Cameron. Sounds so hectic, although it's a holiday. So once again, tata singapura~ 

Things I need to do:
- Pack my luggage for both trip
- Tidy up my room
- Lose weight 

Wednesday, August 31 Y 11:39 PM

Not many people know this blog exist, but I will still pend my thoughts down, because I know YOU are reading it ;') 

*Jumps for joy* Fuck yeah exams are finally over.
Thank God engineering mathematics was *snap* easy. Hehehehehe. But I realized I've made a few mistakes. But I guess, so far, the only paper I've screwed up was Instrumentation. And classful-mates & I are always placing bets on each other. So whoever scores = double treat :X Aside from that, I've 4 more nights till I bid goodbye Singapore! I am not excited at all, but I look forward to leaving home, leaving this place but it also means that I have only 3 days to pack my luggage, sighhhhh & finally I am going back to ballet tmrw night, this is life. Sunset Way, here I come ^^ 
And I look forward to an intensive diet/weight loss programme. FYI, if I reach 45kg (which I will soon), I will starve for days. I hate the number 4 & if I could, I mean I will, lose till I reach 39 again (; I mean, I know there is people around saying "I hate skinny people who calls themselves fat" But shut up bitches, no one knows yourself better than you do.  



hey   there is a bug 
(via boysmakegirlscry)

& who doesn't like/adore skinny bodies? I meant, healthy skinny not anorexic.

Anyway, I think people in my course are indeed admirable, I mean. It is not/never easy to sail or rather to be a marine engineer, doing so much shit on board ships. Without us, the ship will not operate. Like said, "the engine room is the heart of the ship". Being away from home-comfort & everything else is worst. For that, I salute all sailors, especially my brothers. All in different parts of the world, sailing the ocean, some in NS. I cant wait for all of you to be back! 

And look at my beloved/ lamest boyfriend. 
He is definitely proud to be taking picture of the rudder & propeller of his ship.

And FYI, that is his dad onboard his ship with him. Luckiest boy ever.

And that is the ship, APL Cairo (; I thank God for I am with the Navy. Perhaps, life will be better for me.

Tuesday, August 23 Y 4:50 PM


exactly what this is.
Take a break, take a puff. Been busy studying. Instrumentation paper was such a bitch this afternoon. Came home crying to my mum about it. *Alright, do not judge* But I cry very easily, that I admit. I won't fail the paper, but it's not to my expectation. Okay, no one will get what the hell I am saying. So, I was tearing till my mum said "Let's go shopping tonight!" Heh heh.
Come to think of it, this is exactly how I feel right now. Confused + sad still & happy, no more theory papers!!! 4 modules done, 2 more to go. So please be nice to me, if not I will cry again. I shall have a day off from studying today, tbc before the next paper on Friday. I can't wait to be officially done with Yr2 ModB!! Till then, I shall continue looking forward to my entire (almost) September away from Singapore. Oh fyeah, tata Singapura~ :D But that means, I'll be missing out on everything here, my lovely pgs, friends, normal hanging out session, family and of course ballet ;"( Again, #donotjudge. Hahaha.

But I will be back on time for... 

Jalan Raya with SMAC ^^ Hehehe, I am so gna love my September. 

And bad news, after exams I am given 2 days to clean my room, back to this condition...
FYI, it's fucking messy cause my Bf is not here to clean for me + having 2 maids at home is useless.

Till then, happy holidays everyone. For those still mugging, you're not alone. You have me lololol.

Wednesday, August 17 Y 10:29 PM

When boredom kills, or rather, when I take a break from studying... 

Totally amazed by the standard of Tanker Familiarization paper today. Always claim that it is the worst module throughout the 3 years of DMR, but now, come to think of it Instrumentation is worst. And it is, sadly, the next paper tested. Taking a break today, shall continue studying tmrw. 

Today's really a good day, finally got to see dearest after two and a half months. And my definition of see means webcam. What else can you expect from a sailor? No words can describe my feeling, the long lost connection of long distance relationship. Absence makes the heart grown fonder. And it is never easy to for a woman to be waiting back here alone, for that, I know, everyone is proud of me. Love my friends for always being here for me, and I love you more baby <3 

Friday, August 12 Y 3:33 PM

I can't wait for August to be over, so I can focus on my social life & ballet, and yes fucking exams to be over. Was supposed to be looking forward to September, till I received a "bad" news today. Still sad about it, but there is nothing that can be done. Alright, so my month of September was supposedly to be filled with activities..

  •  3 - 11 Sept (Immersion Programme at Dalian, China)
  •  11 - 15 Sept ( SPSU Interaction on board SC Virgo/ same ship as MelCamp)
  •  24 - 27 Sept ( LEAP Programme, Ipoh)
  • 29 - October ( Cameron Highlands)
But since, the China trip has been delayed to 5-13 Sept, it seems like I have to give up the leisure cruise, although I have been on melcamp twice. but this time is with spsu ;( Hopefully I won't regret my choice by choosing China, after seeing the people who are going, during the briefing just now... Hmmm hahaha.

Good thing is this week, I've cleared 2 modules but exams are fucking near yet I am not done studying/ have not started. I need to find the mood to get started with, but it seems to be difficult with the amount of things I need to do. But since SP exams are "Sure Pass", I hope to do well again ^^ 

4 more modules till I can bid goodbye to 2B. This shall be my motivation - $400 cheque & 2 awards from SMA, received at the prize presentation cum dialogue session on Wedneday (; So study hard everyone! Then you can get $$$ once you've top the director's list! 

I didn't know Tintin existed till, I visited that shop :X and yes, happy belated national day. Pictures taken from the Singapore Flyer. 

Tuesday, August 9 Y 2:18 AM

This is so not the official video, but I like the illustrations here.

I absolutely hate feeling emotional. Especially at night, when I am alone. How I wish someone would be here for me. Well, I mean, that someone. No matter how strong I try to be, I will always fall. No matter how many times I cry, I won't stop. And at times, I realised, I am the one who brings all this sadness upon myself. 

Saturday, July 23 Y 12:41 AM

Haven't been posting for a very long time. Been so freaking busy with everything. Ever since my beloved boyfriend left, I've tried to keep myself as busy as possible. Been tied down with stuffs involving school and smac especially. Life is so mundane without baby. And school is such a bitch. My weekly routine is just school, smac, training, ballet & hanging out. But thank God I have my friends with me.

Flashback, back to the 30th June;

This date may not be special to anyone at all. But it is definitely a significant one for me. Not only my birthday, but it is our (Jieming and I) day. Yes, our 1st year anniversary. You may not be here with me, you may not be able to call me but your actions and emails were enough to keep me going. To at least bring away the sadness and loneliness of this day. Studying on my birthday for the last MST paper was already bad enough, and with you away, it was worst. But I truly appreciate how thoughtful you were, when you pre-ordered a bouquet and asked for it to be sent to my door. No words could describe my feelings when I read the card and saw my favorite flowers, specially from you. Your actions does speak louder than words. And the flowers kept me smiling through the night <3

I can't believed one year passed by so quickly. All the times we had, enjoying each other's company almost every single day, just passed by like that. Be it happy, sad, angry moments, we made it through. Always believing, always telling one another, "Hope, Faith, Trust, Believe in us". Yes US, for we see our future, lying ahead of us. I pray every night, for you to be safe in the ocean, for you to come back safely in my arms, another 5 months later, my dearest sailor. Keeping you in my heart, everyday. I love you darling <3

And so dearest wasn't here with me, but I surely did have great company with my friends around. Thursday after papers, met Dylan + Bungy gang at town. Studied (yes, on my birthday)  -_- and had dinner with family. Friday after papers, spent time with classmates at Cityhall area. Went Kuishin-Bo for buffet, thanks so much guys for the wonderful lunch and present + movie together. Rushed down to Vivo to meet family for steamboat and so on~ *I am very lazy to upload the pictures*

And Saturday, finally, a meet up with my IJ girls at night. Dinner at Waraku (shocked to see keefe) and off to Helipad for a night filled with drinks + dancing. Thanks for the birthday shot + Urban Decay Palette and Vouchers, love you girls so much!! Luckily no puking or hangover on Sunday. Went out for awhile with lovely BJ, miss him so much :) *Pictures from clarissa's camera*

The night was for both of us, yes, both of our birthdays, just one day apart.
 Alright, so this is about 1/5 of the pictures of the crazy night we had.
Thank you so much girls <3

Hehehe and that's how I celebrated my birthday. 4 days of fun, laughter, company and tadahhh I'm 9teen and still living. For this, I thank God for all the blessings he has given me, for I have grown up healthily, safely and happily for 19 years as well as giving me such a cool family and great friends, always by my side. Amen.

And because I went Bangkok a week before MSTs, I haven't had enough time to complete studying everything. Stressed and rushed like fuck. So, I shall thank God too, for the almost amazing but still lousy results. *Waving goodbye to gpa 4* lololol. 

Ending this post with pictures of my beloved sailor, onboard APL Cairo. 5 months more, till you return.